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History of Country Music 2012-2020

History of Country Music 2012-2020

PART TWO: 4 The History of UK Country Music 2012-2020 Revolutionizing Country Music: Chris Stapleton's CMA Awards Breakthrough and the Evolution of Country2Country The Guardian's Endorsement of Contemporary Country Music: A Showcase of Interviews, Obituaries, and Concert Reviews Exploring the Dynamics of Country2Country and the Preferences of UK Country Music Sages Nashville Meets London: The Rise of a Transatlantic Country Music Festival Exploring the Intersection of Country Music and...

UK Country Music July 2022

As the lionesses roar we present the latest music releases in The UK Country Music Scene. Featuring Motel Sundown and Robinson-Stone

Getting To Know Celine Ellis

Acoustic music with attitude. ‘Getting to Know Celine Ellis’ explores her early influences and thoughts on the UK Country music scene.

UK Country Music June 2022

Our Country Music June 2022 round-up; The Wandering Hearts and Motel Sundown close harmonies, Live at The Cabin and some exciting new releases

UK Country Music May 2022

Our Country Music May 2022 round-up, Festival season gets underway, Glastonbury announces UK country acts and some exciting new releases

Getting To Know The Rising

Getting to know the Rising an interview with Chantelle and Chris. They discuss UK country music and the latest song “When You Were Mine”

Elles Bailey Exclusive

I love the journey I’ve taken and the fact that I’ve just gone out there, got on the road and created a fan base from singing my songs in front of people

UK Country Music March 2022

Mad March For UK Country fans, March really is our month, in so many ways it’s the start of the country music calendar, kicking off the festival...

Here For Culture

Here For Culture

Here For Culture The British Country Music Festival is pleased to announce that the company who created the event Fit The Bill Limited, has been...


This page is the primary blog category for the website. You will find news, reviews, blogs and articles For British Country Music. We will also feature The British Americana music scene.

We shall mainly feature music artists and songwriters born or living in the UK.

Undoubtedly, America and Nashville are the epicentres for Country Music. However, country music in the UK has had a niche following for many years. There is now a quickly growing ground swell of love.

The British Country Music Festival embraces that community. So you may be a super fan or just noticing the fantastic songwriting and musicians we have in the UK.

There are a handful of breakthrough artists, including The Shires, Ward Thomas, Wandering Hearts, The Staves, Catherine McGrath and WildwoodKin. But there are new artists and songwriters making waves about to break through. With a whole ecosystem supporting them. With exciting new festivals, gigs, venues, record companies and fans supporting them.

Our genre is so close to becoming mainstream that national radio stations are playing more country music. Subsequently, mainstream artists are starting to make Country and Americana-sounding tracks.

For social media, we will use the hashtag #UKcountrymusic to promote this category.

Examples of what posts to expect in this category include A GREAT YEAR FOR BRITISH COUNTRY MUSIC and YOLA v HOOTENANNY.

The category and festival are all about supporting new talent and acts. The class will feature news and releases from new bands and singers, for example, Raintown, Dexeter, Laura Oakes, Sasha McVeigh and Holloway Road.

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