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Megan O’Neill: Surviving lockdown, touring with Tom Jones and playing the Oscars after party

MEGAN O'NEILL Well, for the first time in this first No Chords But The Truth series, I’m not strolling into Bertie Blossoms restaurant in Notting Hill to sit down with another British country artist over a glass of something tasty to chew the fat. I am, in fact, sat in my garage sat at the home studio set up I have for Country Hits Radio, Mainly...

Twinnie: Women in Country Music, Mental Health and The Debut Album

TWINNIE So here I was with a big article reflecting on Twinnie’s comments in this episode of No Chords But The Truth podcast regarding women in country music and the music world as a whole, the struggles and what no-one sees.. but do you know what? Scrap that. Queue tumbleweed… Just listen to this episode of No Chords But The Truth with Twinnie...

Tim Prottey-Jones: Country Journey, West End Hiatus and the Difficult Bits.

Did you know Ed Sheeran has his own restaurant? It’s called Bertie Blossoms, it’s located in Notting Hill and it’s where I met with Tim Prottey-Jones for the second episode of No Chords But The Truth podcast.   Ed is partial to country music. Collaborations with Taylor Swift and Chris Stapleton have seen him dip his toe in the proverbial cowboy...

Jake Morrell: Stopping Music, Dermot O’Leary and Acceptance

It was just before Christmas when I met up with Jake Morrell in the rooftop terrace of the Karma Sanctum Hotel in Soho. It’s always fun to hang out when there’s no agenda such as a gig, promo night or an awards ceremony. Well, there was an agenda of sorts - the No Chords But The Truth podcast was being prepped to launch and I was keen to have...

Teaser: No Chords But The Truth

Watch this space - coming soon No Chords But The Truth podcast hosted by radio and TV presenter Matt Spracklen and produced by Sarah Bishop. Commissioned by The British Country Music Festival,  No Chords But The Truth focuses on UK Country and Americana artists and songwriters. There will be thought provoking conversation with established and new...

Podcast: No Chords But The Truth

Radio and TV presenter Matt Spracklen meets artists and songwriters at the forefront of the new British Country and Americana scene. Each Podcast has an accompanying blog post which includes Matt’s thoughts on the interview and a full transcript of the show

Matt catches up with Megan O’Neill over Zoom to talk surviving lockdown as an artist, touring with Tom Jones and playing at the Oscars after party.  read more

This month Matt Spracklen talks to singer songwriter Twinnie. They discuss the struggles Twinnie has faced so far in her career, being a women in country music and the forthcoming release of her debut album, Hollywood Gypsy read more

This month Matt talks to producer, singer-songwriter and The Fartherline band leader Tim Prottey-Jones. They discuss Tim’s country journey, a West End hiatus and dealing with the difficult bits…. read more

This month Matt talks to singer-songwriter Jake Morrell. They discuss why Jake stopped writing songs, work ethic, Dermot O’Leary and acceptance….. read more

No Chords But The Truth podcast is hosted by radio & tv presenter, Matt Spracklen and produced by Sarah Bishop. Commissioned by The British Country Music Festival ….. read more


Matt Spracklen is a radio and television presenter as well as a reputable music blogger. Matt currently hosts his own show on Bauer Media’s Country Hits Radio and having studied music in Nashville, he is seen as one of the UK’s leading authorities on all things country and Americana. He is known for championing British artists and continues to provide a platform on his radio show not just for headliners, but also emerging talent. He was a judge on BBC One’s All Together Now, he is the main presenter for the main stage at The British Country Music Festival and is in demand as a host for corporate events and music awards shows. Matt is an avid blogger and social media guru and has a considerable social media following, ensuring he is on most PR companies VIP lists for key music industry events. @mattspracklen

Sarah Bishop  is a well respected radio producer who has worked with names including Edith Bowman and Arielle Free. She is currently the producer of The Frank Skinner Show on Absolute Radio as well as The Times’ podcast Walking the Dog. Sarah also works closely with high profile talent on television programmes such as the award-winning sitcom Catastrophe and award shows including The BAFTAs, The Brit Awards and MTV’s Europe Music Awards. @sarahbishop92

Commissioned by:
The British Country Music Festival  We are delighted to bring you No Chords But The Truth and we would like to thank all the talented artists who will be contributing to the show.  When we first discussed the podcast with Matt and Sarah, it was clear that we all shared the same passion to provide a voice and platform for UK home grown country & Americana artists and songwriters.  Please follow, subscribe, review, comment, fill in those little stars and join our community. Thanks for listening. Martin & Marina @TBCMF  #NCBT

Bertie Blossoms, An intimate neighbourhood dining concept, owned by Ed Sheeran, nestled at the end of the bustling Portobello Road, London  @bertie_blossoms

The Virtual Temp, Debbie is our go to resource for transcriptions, minutes and admin services.


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