3-5 September 2021 | Winter Gardens Blackpool

Laura Oakes: Learning Curves

Laura Oakes Feels a while since I wrote anything here and it’s been quite the time for anyone in the music industry, particularly artists and musicians navigating their way through this government dependant lockdown BUT we have the music and one thing this lockdown is...

Oct: What’s happening in the UK Country Music Scene?

UK Country Music Scene, October 2020 The last couple of months have given us a little time to reflect. We thought the monthly, UK round up blog post should be an opportunity for us to share with you what we have been up to backstage in putting the festival together...

Country Music September 2020: This Year Sucks

UK Scene Growing  September was another difficult month for the music industry, as quick as restrictions were easing on the live sector they were being implemented once again. Although country fans did manage to fit in at least one live show in the form of The Country...

Country Music August 2020: Virtual Tours

Innovative Ideas Although live music still remained on the back burner, the month of August did manage to deliver some outstanding records from our favourite British country acts, as we closed out summer with incredible new songs and visuals from the leading talent...

Country Music July 2020: Getting Creative In Lockdown

Blazing A Trail  As summer officially arrived in the UK just as lockdown measures across the UK began to ease, British country music took another step to becoming one of the most revered genres across the globe as more incredible homegrown acts shared show stopping...

Sarah Darling : Sitting with songs longer and out of body experience at the Opry

SARAH DARLING Another day, another zoom call but this time, to catch up with one of my very good friends, Sarah Darling. Sarah is a true ‘honorary British country artist’ - what we call on Country Hits Radio a #CountryHitsBrit; having married a Brit and spent so much...

Let The Music Play

Support Live Music Today we join the #LetTheMusicPlay campaign to support the live music industry, as it struggles for survival. A letter is being delivered to the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, uniting us all in our plea to allow live...

Country Music June 2020: Blaze A Trail

Blaze A Trail June was an exciting month in terms of new releases from home-grown talent. Of course, we still lacked any live gigs due to the ongoing lockdown, but that hasn't stopped our favourite artists from sharing brand new music that continues to showcase the...

Country Music May 2020: Here Comes The Sun

Sarah Darling | The British Country Music Festival 2019 | Photo Credit Dave NelsonHold Space The month of May has seen some amazing and extremely exciting releases from a string of home-grown talent. Ward Thomas shared two stellar singles in the form of 'Hold Space'...

Megan O’Neill: Surviving lockdown, touring with Tom Jones and playing the Oscars after party

MEGAN O'NEILL Well, for the first time in this first No Chords But The Truth series, I’m not strolling into Bertie Blossoms restaurant in Notting Hill to sit down with another British country artist over a glass of something tasty to chew the fat. I am, in fact, sat...

Gallery & Reviews TBCMF 2019

ward thomas tbcmf 2019
emily lockett tbcmf 2019
Twinnie | The British Country Music Festival  2019
Matt Spracklen tbcmf 2019
laura oakes 2 tbcmf 2019
Joe Martin The British Country Music Festival 2019
Ward Thomas The British Country Music Festival  2019
Sarah Darling The British Country Music Festival 2019
empress ballroom tbcmf 2019
rob heron & the tea pad orchestra | The British Country Music Festival 2019
The Adelaides The British Country Music Festival 2019
Honey Ryder The British Country Music Festival 2019
gary quinn tbcmf 2019
twinnie tbcmf 2019
Laura Oakes The British Country Music Festival 2019
sSarah darling | The British Country Music Festival 2019


The biggest indoor country music festival in the North!

Hello to all our UK Country music friends.

As we head into the winter months, we wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you all, whilst our small but perfectly formed team hits the proverbial dance floor running to get everything ready for our return to Blackpool from 3-5 September 2021.

We are so grateful to all of you who have retained your tickets for next year and supported us through what has been the worst time in a generation for the live music industry.

In order to support our singer-songwriters, we have committed to moving their contracts over from this year to next year so that they don’t lose the work. It’s a fantastic line-up and we will be announcing the programme in November.

Lockdown has given us all time to reflect. Artists have been using the time to be creative and virtually bursting at the seams to share their music with an audience.  Everyone has learned to appreciate more time with family and friends and for many, listening to music and watching live streamed performances has been key to maintaining our well being.

On a personal note, we have committed to creating a better work life balance for the future. Let’s see if we can actually achieve that! The period of reflection has also given us time to be creative and we will be announcing a number of new initiatives throughout the next six months. We can’t wait to share them with you and our family of singer-songwriters!

It will be a different world that emerges. We know we can maintain physical distancing in our wonderful Ballroom and the many venues throughout the Winter Gardens if needs be.  We will also be looking at ways to include those who may still be nervous or unable to attend live events.

We need live music now more than ever as a way to heal and bring us closer together in spirit. We can’t wait to connect with everyone through the joy of sharing the live music experience.

Thank you again for your continued support and friendship and here’s to TBCMF 2021.

Best wishes from Martin & Marina

“Where The Lights Are Shining”



UK Country Music New Releases

a review of mitchell kersleys I only Cry when Im drinking

Mitchell Kersley | I Only Cry When I’m Drinking

Review If I didn’t know better, I would assume Mitchell Kersley was Nashville born and bred as opposed to coming from “a little village on the south coast of England” according to his biography.  ‘I Only Cry When I’m Drinking’ is steeped in country, with great guitar...
A review of The Shires feat Lauren Alaina song Lightning Strikes

The Shires feat Lauren Alaina | Lightning Strikes

Review From its acapella start, ‘Lightening Strikes’ builds to a catchy rhythm that has more rises and falls than a quickstep. The clever chorus is punctuated with effective tacets, giving it that traditional country sound that will stay with you long after the song...
Review of Sean Kennedy's Wild Forever

Sean C Kennedy | Wild Forever

Review   Wild Forever by Scottish born Sean Kennedy is a song that oozes freedom, images of wide open spaces with a worry free existence and it wouldn’t be out of place as the track of choice for a romantic Viennese waltz on Strictly.  Now living permanently in...
a review of Michael McMillan's song I Love You

Michael McMillan | I Love You

Review ‘I Love You’ by Scottish veteran country singer Michael McMillan may not be the most inspiring song title, but as the legendary song-writer Don Black says, keep the lyrics simple. The age old sentiment is timeless and Michael has put pen to paper to deliver a...

Brigid O’Neill | Leaving

Review Brigid O’Neill has a voice like a clear cut diamond. ‘Leaving’ is a stunningly beautiful, but heart-wrenching song that will guarantee to stun audiences into silence at any live performance. The violin and guitar add pathos to the track that tells the story of...
Steve Bonham & The Long Road

Steve Bonham & The Long Road | Do You?

Review Do You? by Steve Bonham and The Long Road is a positive and uplifting song that gently soothes the soul. The Derbyshire born singer-songwriter is also an award-winning psychologist and an inveterate traveller, both of which influence his music. Co-written by...
A review of Rosanna Jones' new release Breathe Out

Roseanna Jones | Breathe Out

Review   Breathe Out performed and co-written by Roseanna Jones (of Worry Dolls fame), is a beautiful song. The perfect celebration for LGBGTQ+ people who have suffered the anxiety and freedom of coming out and encouragement for those who have yet to do so. With...
review of Imelda May's new song 11 Past The Hour

Imelda May | 11 Past The Hour

Review Leading the new releases this week is Imelda May. 11 Past The Hour is hauntingly beautiful and I deliberately didn’t watch the accompanying video, as the lyrics immediately created my very own personal interpretation. Every song means different things to...
A review of Bailey Tomkinson's Silent Suffering (Radio Edit)

Bailey Tomkinson| Silent Suffering (Radio Edit)

Review Bailey Tomkinson’s Silent Suffering is a perfect slice of pop/rock country showing UK country artists are creating their own authentic sound. It feels odd reviewing a song that has already achieved Number 1 in the iTunes UK Country single chart and the...
A review of Abby Inez new single Good Guy

Abby Inez | Good Guy

Review Abby Inez has a clarity of vocal that is absolutely beautiful. She is bang on every note, not under, not over, bang on. Since launching her singing career in 2014 (whilst holding down a day job to support her music), Abby started out in a country duo called...
A review of Motel Sundown's new release Before Midnight

Motel Sundown | Before Midnight

Review   Before Midnight is the latest single from Liverpool based trio Motel Sundown. Fast making a name for themselves, this is a beautiful and unique sound produced by Naomi Campbell and Karen Turley from County Tyrone and Robert Johnson from London.   All...
A review of The Nelson Brothers new release Hallway

The Nelson Brothers | Hallway #1

Review  Hallway #1 by The Nelson Brothers (that’s siblings Simon and Steven from Stafford not twins Matthew and Gunnar from California), is an enigmatic track set in Amsterdam. The notes from The Nelson Brothers state that this song was written from an old notebook...
A review of Chloe Jones new release Damsel

Chloe Jones | Damsel

Review  Chloe Jones’ single ‘Damsel’ is a step away from the folk/Americana genre that she declares as her norm, to take her down a much more traditional country sound. Chloe spent some time in 2019 as part of a three person team leading a music camp for teenagers in...
A review of Derek Ryan's new song Wherever You're Going f

Derek Ryan | Wherever You’re Going ?

Review If you need a song to raise the spirits and get you off the couch to Dosey Doe around the living room, then ‘Wherever You're Going?’ is the perfect antidote to these times of struggle. If you were to imagine a massive hoedown party in Ireland, then this song...



General Admission Tickets

Early Bird General admission weekend ticket and access to all stages and dance floors for 2021 are now on sale.

This special rate is a reward to early bookers and has limited availability.

Our thank you rate for 2019 attendees and our super early bird offers have both sold out.

VIP Ticket Package

The upgraded Early Bird tickets VIP package includes general admission weekend ticket and access to all stages and dance floors.

PLUS: A special Q&A reception with a surprise guest, meet & greet with selected artists; priority VIP arrival ticket desk; exclusive access to balcony viewing, VIP bar and seats, souvenir lanyard and souvenir festival programme.

Due to limited capacity of the viewing balcony our VIP packages sold out in 2019. There is only a limited amount of Early Bird VIP package tickets available 


Over 100 Performers and DJ’s will be lighting up Blackpool representing the cream of  todays contemporary British Country and Americana Music acts.


An indoor festival with four stages held in three connecting iconic venues, including the iconic Empress Ballroom, Art Deco Arena and Horseshoe Pavilion.


Dance Floors

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