The Origins of Country Music

The origins of Country Music trace back to the pioneers from the British Isles who settled in the eastern American Appalachian mountain range. The genre, first known as Hillbilly music, emerged as a fusion of the ballads and folk songs of the English, fiddle and dance music of the Scots-Irish with the banjo and blues influence of African Americans. 

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Country Music Christmas Gift Idea

Country Music Christmas Gift Idea

The perfect gift for those hard to buy for loved ones. Looking for the perfect Country Music Christmas Gift that will bring joy to your loved one on Christmas Day If you’re reading this, you’re probably in need of Christmas gift inspiration.  Maybe you’re perhaps...

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Who is Kylie Price?

Interview with Singer-songwriter Kylie Price who took to the stage at The British Country Music Festival as part of the Songwriters Carousel

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Who Is Lucy Spraggan?

Who is Lucy Spraggan, and would she deliver to a country music crowd? Yes, and how. She is a genuine UK songwriting and storytelling talent.

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Singer-Songwriter Brooke Law

With a brilliant collection of self-penned songs under her belt and a phenomenal voice, Singer Songwriter Brooke Law is going places!

I was keen to catch up with her to find out more about her songwriting approach.

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Five Minutes With Laura Oakes

UK Country Music artist Laura Oakes is a favourite at The British Country Music Festival. After a fantastic set in the Empress Ballroom in our first year, we couldn’t wait to welcome her back to Blackpool!

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This page is the primary blog category for the website. You will find news, reviews, blogs and articles For British Country Music. We will also feature The British Americana music scene.

We shall mainly feature music artists and songwriters born or living in the UK.

Undoubtedly, America and Nashville are the epicentres for Country Music. However, country music in the UK has had a niche following for many years. There is now a quickly growing ground swell of love.

The British Country Music Festival embraces that community. So you may be a super fan or just noticing the fantastic songwriting and musicians we have in the UK.

There are a handful of breakthrough artists, including The Shires, Ward Thomas, Wandering Hearts, The Staves, Catherine McGrath and WildwoodKin. But there are new artists and songwriters making waves about to break through. With a whole ecosystem supporting them. With exciting new festivals, gigs, venues, record companies and fans supporting them.

Our genre is so close to becoming mainstream that national radio stations are playing more country music. Subsequently, mainstream artists are starting to make Country and Americana-sounding tracks.

For social media, we will use the hashtag #UKcountrymusic to promote this category.

Examples of what posts to expect in this category include A GREAT YEAR FOR BRITISH COUNTRY MUSIC and YOLA v HOOTENANNY.

The category and festival are all about supporting new talent and acts. The class will feature news and releases from new bands and singers, for example, Raintown, Dexeter, Laura Oakes, Sasha McVeigh and Holloway Road.

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