No Chords But The Truth Podcast

Laura Oakes: Learning Curves

Laura Oakes: Learning Curves

Laura Oakes Feels a while since I wrote anything here and it’s been quite the time for anyone in the music industry, particularly artists and musicians navigating their way through this government dependant lockdown BUT we have the music and one thing this lockdown is proving time and time again is that we have music and we have each other. I was thinking just the other day after watching Maren Morris and her baby on her Insta stories how when country music is so much about heartbreak and...

Teaser: No Chords But The Truth

Watch this space - coming soon No Chords But The Truth podcast hosted by radio and TV presenter Matt Spracklen and produced by Sarah Bishop....

No Chords But The Truth podcast is hosted by radio & tv presenter, Matt Spracklen and produced by Sarah Bishop. Commissioned by  The British Country Music Festival.
It focuses on UK Country and Americana artists and songwriters. There will be conversation with established and new artists. About their role in the music industry, their journey, the highs and lows. It will give fresh insight to the British country music scene and beyond.
The NCBTT podcast is proudly partnered with Bertie Blossoms in Notting Hill, owned by Ed Sheeran where the episodes will be recorded. There will be a live podcast recording in front of a VIP audience at The British Country Music Festival in Blackpool on Friday 4th September with one of this year’s headliners.

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