2-4 September 2022 | Winter Gardens Blackpool

TBCMF 2022
2022 Youtube Playlist

These are the genres of music you can expect to hear at our UK Country Music Festival 2022. Dive into the playlists.

Source Wikipedia and Apply to Play (some artists cover two genres)

  • Country 54% 54%
  • Americana 29% 29%
  • Country Rock 17% 17%
  • Country Folk 17% 17%
  • Country Pop 14% 14%
  • Alt-Country 9% 9%
  • Folk 9% 9%
  • Indie Pop 6% 6%
  • Folk Pop 6% 6%
  • Country Irish 6% 6%
  • Acoustic 6% 6%
  • Alt-Folk 6% 6%

Welcome to the British Country Music Festival! We’re so excited to welcome you to the most beautiful festival venue in the UK; the music’s going to be amazing. Come along, and enjoy a weekend of music with us!

At The British Country Music Festival, we promote and lovingly present a broad church of country music styles. These include Americana, country pop, country rock, country blues, bluegrass, roots, indie-folk, acoustic and all those genres between the mainstream country borders.

Our contemporary country music is created by singer-songwriters from the UK and Ireland

You will love our main stage artists and our incredible festival fans are always excited about the new music and acts they discover at our event.

 UK Country Music Festival 2022

The celebration is held over three days. Our four stages throughout the indoor Winter Gardens venue in Blackpool include the world-famous, candlelit Empress Ballroom, the art deco Arena and the Horseshoe Pavilion Theatre. As everything is undercover in a purpose-built entertainment complex, the weather cannot spoil the fun or the sound. You can dress to impress, we have plenty of seating and proper toilets, and it all takes place in the UK’s most popular seaside resort. Your wristband lets you come and go as you please, allowing you to take in the sights, illuminations and local Blackpool attractions.

Join the revolution; the Brits are coming and creating a sound of their own.  #anothercountry #tbcmf #ukcountry #musicdiscoveryfestival #wherethelightsareshining.  Get your tickets now!


Tom Odell

The Brits Critic’s Choice winner Tom Odell is headlining in Blackpool this September at The British Country Music Festival.

Amy Wadge

Amy has been performing and releasing music since leaving the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama over 20 years ago

Lucy Spraggan

Following the release of Choices, singer-songwriter Lucy Spraggan will be headlining The British Country Music Festival this September in Blackpool

Harleymoon Kemp

Breakout star and hit songwriter Harleymoon Kemp was named the Horizon Artist of 2021 at November's BCMAs.Harleymoon Kemp BiographyHarleymoon Kemp's first single “Space” hit #1 on the UK Country chart after it premiered on ITV. The release sparked an overnight online...

Jess Moskaluke

An internationally celebrated artist, Jess Moskaluke continues to break barriers in the country music world with her big voice, pop-infused hooks and sonic versatility.Jess Moskaluke BiographyThe first Canadian female country artist since Shania Twain to achieve CRIA...

Henry Priestman

Critically acclaimed music legend Henry Priestman will be joining us at The British Country Music Festival this SeptemberHenry Priestman BiographyAfter over 40 years in the music business – and with a credit list longer than both your arms – in 2009 Henry Priestman...

Laura Oakes

Laura Oakes is an established artist on the British country music scene. In addition to her usual gigs, Laura has established her ‘Laura Oakes hosts’ live show.Laura Oakes BiographySince Laura's live night was established at the Green Note, Camden in 2018 we’re glad...

Noble Jacks

With the fiddle leading the charge, Noble Jacks are out to take no prisoners with their high-energy footstompin’ rhythms, which have taken crowds by storm across the UK.Noble Jacks BiographyNoble Jacks’ debut album What the Hammer released to much acclaim. A fiddle...

Robert J Hunter

Turning heads across the UK and Europe with their persistent touring.Robert J Hunter BiographyAlderney born Robert J. Hunter is taking the blues and americana scene by storm with his gruff, powerful voice and the wild thud of overdriven foot stomping guitar. His...


Dave Hemingway of The Housemartins and The Beautiful South is back and sounding better than ever.Sunbirds BiographyThe man who once told us he loved us from the bottom of his pencil case, The Beautiful South’s Dave Hemingway is back and sounding better than ever....


UK Country Music May 2022

Our Country Music May 2022 round-up, Festival season gets underway, Glastonbury announces UK country acts and some exciting new releases

Getting To Know Jess Moskaluke

Getting to know Jess Moskaluke, she is the only international country star on the lineup at this year’s British Country Music Festival.

Getting To Know The Rising

Getting to know the Rising an interview with Chantelle and Chris. They discuss UK country music and the latest song “When You Were Mine”

Who Is Brooke Law?

Spanning many genres but at the heart of it all is great storytelling.

UK Country Music April 2022

Round-up of the British Country Music scene, including releases from Gary Quinn, Emilia Quinn and Stevie O’Connor.

Emilia Quinn Exclusive: One Of You

Emilia Quinn, One of You Emilia Quinn is a firecracker within the UK country scene. Her powerful voice and feisty lyrics have captured the attention of fans across the UK, and her stage presence is something to be marvelled at. She has captivated us when we’ve seen...

Elles Bailey Exclusive

Strength to Strength Elles Bailey wowed crowds at last year’s British Country Music Festival in Blackpool, her stage presence was second to none as she held the crowd in the palm of her hand during the emotive songs whilst she strutted across the stage and brought the...

UK Country Music community comes together to pay tribute to one of it’s own

Towards the end of last month, sad news began to filter through that just weeks before his 40th Birthday, Simon Clewlow had passed away following a short illness. Last week the country music community in the U.K. came together to pay tribute to the singer-songwriter...

UK Country Music March 2022

Mad March For UK Country fans, March really is our month, in so many ways it’s the start of the country music calendar, kicking off the festival season with Country 2 Country. But it’s not just the British artists at C2C that we have to celebrate this month, there...

2021 Country Music Festival Day Splits Announced

The British Country Music Fesitval, one of the UK’s most popular, indoor music discovery festivals, has revealed the day splits for its 2021 event, that will take place from 3rd to 5th September 2021 at The Winter Gardens, Blackpool. Alongside this announcement and...


Welcome to the UK Country & Americana Chart, and our playlist of new Country & Americana Hits, where we'll be sharing songs that came out last week.

We are developing a history of UK Country Music and the effect the Brtish Isles have had on American Country Music. 

Click the link to find out more About The British Country Music Festival, explore our history, our place in the UK Country music scene, and our future ambitions.

 TBCMF's New Country & Americana Playlist is updated weekly. Our spotify playlist shares the latest realease from UK artists.

Welcome to the UK Country and Americana  Chart - The most listened to songs of 2022 powered by The British Country Music Festival.


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Twinnie | The British Country Music Festival  2019
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Joe Martin The British Country Music Festival 2019
Ward Thomas The British Country Music Festival  2019
Sarah Darling The British Country Music Festival 2019
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The Adelaides The British Country Music Festival 2019
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Laura Oakes The British Country Music Festival 2019
sSarah darling | The British Country Music Festival 2019


UK Country Music Festival 2022 Celebrating Singer-songwriters

Hello to all our UK country music friends.

The 2022 festival is fast approaching, and we are incredibly proud of the fantastic lineup of artists performing for you in Blackpool from 2-4 September 2022.

We will never be the biggest festival, but we doubled the guest numbers in our second year (2021), and that means that we are now officially the fastest-growing country music festival in the UK, and all achieved during lockdown!

So the cycle begins again. The real excitement is constantly discovering new artists, and this year has been no exception. We spent weeks listening to apply to play applications, and again the level of talent emerging in the UK is off the scale. We are sure that you will be leaving Blackpool having been introduced to some breath-taking new singer-songwriters, and in turn, we will all have played our part in helping them along the road to greater success and increased sales of their music.

Country, Americana and all their subgenres continue to increase in popularity in the UK with more live streaming year on year as UK music lovers enjoy how our homegrown artists are creating their brand of country, Americana, roots and folk.


UK Country Music Festival 2022


On a personal note, we have committed to creating more opportunities for homegrown, grassroots artists, and we will be announcing several new initiatives throughout the next twelve months. We can’t wait to share them with you and our family of singer-songwriters! It is this focus on UK talent that is driving us. It is time for our UK artists to take their rightful place alongside American headliners. We will remain true to our values and play our part in promoting homegrown singer-songwriters nationally and internationally wherever we can.

What struck us seeing the fantastic artists performing last year was the sheer variety in styles. Each artist was unique in developing their sound in a genre. We will lead the eternal debate this year, asking ‘What is Country Music?” particularly in the context of the UK scene.

The spectacular Empress Ballroom celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2021, and the venue restored the stunning dance floor to its former glory and industry recognised professional standards for dancers. So what better way to return to the world of live music and performance than in the candle-lit ballroom that we believe is the country’s most beautiful live music venue?

We need live music now more than ever as a way to heal and bring us closer together in spirit. We can’t wait to connect with everyone through the joy of sharing the live music experience. Getting the 2021 festival off the ground and seeing so many happy faces singing and dancing was very emotional.

Thank you again for your continued support and friendship and here’s to TBCMF 2022. See you in Blackpool!

Best wishes from Martin & Marina

#anothercountry #tbcmf #wherethelightsareshining #UKcountry #musicdiscoveryfestival




Emilia Quinn Exclusive: One Of You

Emilia Quinn, One of You Emilia Quinn is a firecracker within the UK country scene. Her powerful voice and feisty lyrics have captured the attention of fans across the UK, and her stage presence is something to be marvelled at. She has captivated us when we’ve seen...

Mitchell Kersley | I Only Cry When I’m Drinking

Review If I didn’t know better, I would assume Mitchell Kersley was Nashville born and bred as opposed to coming from “a little village on the south coast of England” according to his biography.  ‘I Only Cry When I’m Drinking’ is steeped in country, with great guitar...

The Shires feat Lauren Alaina | Lightning Strikes

Review From its acapella start, ‘Lightening Strikes’ builds to a catchy rhythm that has more rises and falls than a quickstep. The clever chorus is punctuated with effective tacets, giving it that traditional country sound that will stay with you long after the song...

Sean C Kennedy | Wild Forever

Review   Wild Forever by Scottish born Sean Kennedy is a song that oozes freedom, images of wide open spaces with a worry free existence and it wouldn’t be out of place as the track of choice for a romantic Viennese waltz on Strictly.  Now living permanently in...

Michael McMillan | I Love You

Review ‘I Love You’ by Scottish veteran country singer Michael McMillan may not be the most inspiring song title, but as the legendary song-writer Don Black says, keep the lyrics simple. The age old sentiment is timeless and Michael has put pen to paper to deliver a...

Brigid O’Neill | Leaving

Review Brigid O’Neill has a voice like a clear cut diamond. ‘Leaving’ is a stunningly beautiful, but heart-wrenching song that will guarantee to stun audiences into silence at any live performance. The violin and guitar add pathos to the track that tells the story of...

Steve Bonham & The Long Road | Do You?

Review Do You? by Steve Bonham and The Long Road is a positive and uplifting song that gently soothes the soul. The Derbyshire born singer-songwriter is also an award-winning psychologist and an inveterate traveller, both of which influence his music. Co-written by...

Roseanna Jones | Breathe Out

Review   Breathe Out performed and co-written by Roseanna Jones (of Worry Dolls fame), is a beautiful song. The perfect celebration for LGBGTQ+ people who have suffered the anxiety and freedom of coming out and encouragement for those who have yet to do so. With...

Imelda May | 11 Past The Hour

Review Leading the new releases this week is Imelda May. 11 Past The Hour is hauntingly beautiful and I deliberately didn’t watch the accompanying video, as the lyrics immediately created my very own personal interpretation. Every song means different things to...

Bailey Tomkinson| Silent Suffering (Radio Edit)

Review Bailey Tomkinson’s Silent Suffering is a perfect slice of pop/rock country showing UK country artists are creating their own authentic sound. It feels odd reviewing a song that has already achieved Number 1 in the iTunes UK Country single chart and the...

Abby Inez | Good Guy

Review Abby Inez has a clarity of vocal that is absolutely beautiful. She is bang on every note, not under, not over, bang on. Since launching her singing career in 2014 (whilst holding down a day job to support her music), Abby started out in a country duo called...

Motel Sundown | Before Midnight

Review   Before Midnight is the latest single from Liverpool based trio Motel Sundown. Fast making a name for themselves, this is a beautiful and unique sound produced by Naomi Campbell and Karen Turley from County Tyrone and Robert Johnson from London.   All...

The Nelson Brothers | Hallway #1

Review  Hallway #1 by The Nelson Brothers (that’s siblings Simon and Steven from Stafford not twins Matthew and Gunnar from California), is an enigmatic track set in Amsterdam. The notes from The Nelson Brothers state that this song was written from an old notebook...

Chloe Jones | Damsel

Review  Chloe Jones’ single ‘Damsel’ is a step away from the folk/Americana genre that she declares as her norm, to take her down a much more traditional country sound. Chloe spent some time in 2019 as part of a three person team leading a music camp for teenagers in...


TICKETS NOW ON SALE UK Country Music Festival 2022

General Admission Tickets for The British Country Music Festival 2022

A limited-edition of first-tier Weekend tickets providing access to all stages and dance floors for 2022 is now on sale.

Junior tickets are available, and an adult must accompany all children.

An additional ticket for the exclusive music tram rides is available for those that arrive at the Resort on Thursday.

Prices increases as we get closer to the festival

VIP Ticket Package For The British Country Music Festival 2022

The upgraded  VIP package includes a general admission weekend ticket and access to all stages and dance floors.

PLUS: A special reception with a surprise guest,  priority VIP arrival ticket desk; exclusive access to balcony viewing, VIP bar and seats, souvenir lanyard and souvenir festival programme, meet & greet with selected artists.

Due to the limited capacity of the viewing balcony, our VIP packages sold out in 2019 and 2021. There is only a limited amount of  VIP package tickets available.



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