Vicki Manser | Could If I Wanted To

Review of Vicki Manser's new release Could If I Wanted To

Written by Marina Blore

On October 9, 2020


 Could If I Wanted To showcases Vicki Manser’s beautiful vocals and succinctly tells the story of a woman chasing her dreams, looking back on a love she has left to pursue a different path, but knowing she could always attract him back.

 Written by Daniel Weller, Laura Evans and the multi-talented Tim Prottey-Jones, it is cleverly crafted both musically and lyrically. Production is polished and a touch of slide guitar adds finesse.

 It is now becoming the norm that many country singers are emerging from a musical theatre background and Vicki is no exception. Vicki graduated from the Urdang Academy with a BA Honours Degree in Professional Dance and Musical Theatre.

 She has performed in Bat Out Of Hell, Beautiful, Fame and more recently in the musical Six, that tells the story of Henry VIII’s wives.

 That training always delivers a confident stage performer and I am looking forward to seeing Vicki perform in her own right.

 Marina Blore, The British Country Music Festival (TBCMF)  

Artwork to Vicki Manser's Could If I Wanted To S


Vicki Manser | Could If I Wanted To



Performed by Vicki Manser

Written by Daniel Weller, Laura Evans, Tim Prottey-Jones

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