In the same way Sheeran’s Galway Girl conjures up hope and the excitement of new romance, so does Matt Owens new track MacCurtain Street paint pictures of despair for a homeless way of life on one of Cork’s most notorious streets.

The initial concept began years ago following the murder of a homeless man and former chef, Timmy Hourihane. Matt returned to Cork years later to pursue the idea of a song.

 A former member of Noah and The Whale, Matt went on to form a rock band called Little Mammoths and it was whilst playing on tour and stopping in Cork that he became more familiar with some of the homeless people on MacCurtain Street.

 Many used to frequent the bar in which the band were playing and following chats with them and sharing a can of beer, Matt heard their stories and realised that none of us know what could be around the corner and he was inspired to write the song.

 Despite its uplifting foot stomping Irish rhythm, the track tells a tragic story and there are some genuine moments of genius phrasing. Of particular note referencing the only currency on the street  “a joke for a smoke” and the crushing  “crumbled in defeat” to rhyme with the title of the track, all contribute to paint the perfect picture of those living without hope on the streets.  

 Matt Owens voice is so unique and immediately recognisable. He continues to produce music of class.

 Martin Blore (TBCMF)

Artwork for Matt Owens song Maccurtain St S


Matt Owens | MacCurtain Street


Performed by Matt Owens

Written by Matt Owens


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